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Are your customers

surprised in a good way?

TIMMPI SOFTWARE helps you adapt to the challenges of

their new consumption habits


More than 15 years of experiences supporting companies in the transformation of their infrastructures, applications, and modes of operation, toward a new model of innovative technological platform: automated, agile, and essential in driving their new business models. With a very strong expertise in corporate telephony and contact centers TIMMPI SOFTWARE helps you to improve your customer service or increase your sales.

The challenges of communication

“The challenges of communication have evolved along with our digital reflexes. Managers of large and small companies need a tool that is just like them. Feature-rich, flexible, scalable and highly available. TIMMPI SOFTWARE, expert in consulting, digital services and software publishing, helps its clients to lead their digital transformation and to obtain concrete and sustainable benefits.”

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Unified communications

We help you to understand and respond to the challenges of new consumer habits.

Cost reduction

Cancel superfluous costs, objects of a disproportionate internalization of datas or sofwares while the cloud is commonplace, adopted since 10 years by the banks.

Customer satisfaction first

Surprise your customers and go beyond the conventional customer experiences. Let’s rethink customer service together.


What is the real availability rate of your data? Are you safe from a total interruption of production? Can you reduce your costs while maintaining or increasing the level of security?

Perform and motivate

Perform your KPIs without damaging your brand and by incentivizing your teams more.

In time for the new/old transformations?

IoT, AI, Zero Footprint, cryptocurrency, where you stand in relation to these technologies. Can they help you acquire more customers and new markets?


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    TIMMPI SOFTWARE is a department of the French group TIMMPI specialized in the design, integration and distribution of technologies to unlock the way for a new sound experience and make the musical culture inclusive for all.

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